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Salone Market
Augustus Lewis
Restaurant, Café, Grocery Shop
DjuDju Beer International
David Nii Ayi Tagoe
Beverage Manufacturer, Food & Drinks, E-commerce
Bosque GmbH
Deborah Choi
Software, E-commerce
Curl Agency
Nana Addison - Agyei
Advertising Services, Consulting
Centurion Plus
Oneyka Cindy Ojogbo, Leon van der Merwe, Keseena Chengadu
Luwam Tecle-Debesay, Joel Tecle
Food & Drinks, Software, E-commerce
Afrika Haus Berlin
Oumar Diallo
Cultural Center, Community, Registered Association, Events
Senegambia African Imbiss
Pa Modou Jah
Restaurant, Catering
Bantou Village
Suzanne Saitz
Restaurant, Catering
Woundioun Sissoko, Martin Westphal
Marketing, Consulting, Software
The Session x The Reed
Music, Bar, Events

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