Afrikanah is a podcast, a blog, a movement. The "image of people of color" in the daily, professional context is characterized by overrepresentation in professions of the "lower" classes or by successful "unicorns" who seem to have taken paths that seem unattainable for the "middle class". There are few role models, few leaders, and few examples of what is professionally possible for people of color in Germany. Afrikanah questions the negative image that is often highlighted in the German media and in everyday life and replaces this image with what it really means to be Black and successful in Germany. Afrikanah talks with and about role models. What their ideas are, what makes them human - before skin color comes into play. Role models from whom young people of color as well as those who bring a will to broaden their horizons and challenge their own prejudices can be inspired, motivated and oriented. Host Julie Ngoya Tshidibu leads the conversations with her guests from all sectors.
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